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Low Oxalate Info’s mission is to educate, support and inspire families and individuals who follow a low oxalate diet.  On this site you will find articles about oxalate, oxalate-related health issues, the low oxalate diet, feeding a low oxalate family and supportive therapies.  You will find tips about how to follow a low oxalate diet,  how to cook low oxalate foods, how to grow low oxalate fruits and vegetables, how to integrate the low oxalate diet with other special diets such as GAPs, Vegan or Paleo, and how to modify your favorite recipes.  I hope that you will also find support, inspiration and comraderie as you make your healing journey.  Welcome!  Thanks for joining our low oxalate community.

Heidi Stallman in Colorado

My family on our recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Who is Heidi Stallman?

I’m a single mother of twin three-year-old boys, a Ph.D. student in environmental economics (with degrees in biology and ecology), a dreamer and a low oxalate dieter for 20 years.  I strongly believe in the healing properties of a whole foods diet based on an individual’s values, tastes and genetics.  Although some foods are generally nourishing for most people, every body is different, making it so important to understand your own body’s needs and health when choosing what to eat.   Food can nourish, nurture and heal or it can cause disease, inflammation and pain. Each day as I explore how to better use diet, nutrition and supporting therapies to nurture my family’s bodies and souls, I discover greater health and wellness.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

My Story

I became a low oxalate dieter after I was diagnosed with vulvar pain syndrome about 20 years ag0–a huge relief after five years of severe pain and misdiagnoses (The doctor who correctly diagnosed me used the terms vulvar vestibulitis and vulvodynia).  I soon began a low oxalate diet with timed calcium citrate as recommended by the Vulvar Pain Foundation.  I experienced some immediate relief (within 2 weeks) from the worst burning sensations and pain, then experienced a gradual lessening of my many symptoms over the next several years–a two steps forward, one step back process that occasionally included three or four steps back! It was a frustrating journey, especially since the low oxalate community didn’t know anything about dumping or how dumping affects the healing process at that time.  It was only because I started to notice a general healing trend and because I had contact with so many women who had improved or healed on a low oxalate diet  (and supporting therapies) that I kept with it.

Over the years I tried other supportive therapies and treatments to address my many symptoms, but have continued to view the low oxalate diet as my most important healing therapy–the foundation for all my healing work.  (Those many symptoms included almost every symptom on the VP Syndrome symptom list, including bladder, rectal and genital pain and burning, burning mouth syndrome, acid reflux, intestinal issues such as bloating and gas, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, reactive hypoglycemia, PCOS, severe allergies, chronic sinus infections, trouble sleeping, and “acid” tears.)  As scientists have learned more about how oxalate works in the body and as more foods have been tested and (re-tested) for oxalate content, I have modified my diet and treatment, each time with a further lessening of symptoms.  Although I am not pain-free (my VP symptoms are about 80% improved), I have achieved almost complete relief from my rectal, mouth, and eye symptoms; from my fibromyalgia symptoms; from my urinary symptoms; and from my intestinal symptoms.  Controlling the timing and type of carbohydrates in my diet has also freed me from chronic fatigue due to problems with reactive hypoglycemia (a condition that many people with fibromyalgia and VP syndrome seem to have).

In the past year, I have begun to explore further oxalate-related treatments and am excited about the supportive community I’ve found with Susan Owens and the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Vulvar Pain Foundation for starting me down this road and supporting me in the early years, plus another debt of gratitude to the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group for re-invigorating my interest and dedication to the low oxalate diet, plus convincing me that I can do better than “80% improved.”  I now believe that complete healing is in my reach, and I invite you along as I explore that last 20%.

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