Top Ten Reasons to Join the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group

by Heidi on March 9, 2012

The Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group is a fabulous resource for low oxalate dieters or anyone who is considering trying a low oxalate diet.  Here are ten BIG reasons to join!

Smile! You can eat these yummy fruits on a low oxalate diet!

1.) You have access to the most up-to-date, accurate listing of the oxalate content of foods, including whole foods, commercial products and supplements (See How To Get An Accurate Low Oxalate Food List).

2.) You may be able to communicate directly with Susan Owens, the owner/moderator of the group and one of the leading oxalate researchers in the world.  Susan generously answers many of the scientific questions about oxalate and helps list members interpret lab results or oxalate-related symptoms.  You can read more about oxalate and Susan’s work with the Autism Research Institute here.

3.) You have access to great articles about the low oxalate diet, photos, a recipe database and a resources list in the files and database section.

4.) You will join an active community of friendly, supportive people who can help you start a low oxalate diet, fine-tune a low oxalate diet or encourage you to keep going on the low oxalate diet.  The Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group is a very welcoming place!

5.) You will find people who are successfully combining the low oxalate diet with other diets, such as GAPS, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, low-carb, GFCF, vegetarian and SCD.  These members are happy to help you figure out what to eat or how to feed your family.

6.) You will find people from all over the world who are using the low oxalate diet to help improve numerous oxalate-related symptoms and disorders, including but not limited to autism, fibromyalgia, bladder pain, vulvar pain, penile pain, rectal pain, burning mouth syndrome, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, allergies, thyroid malfunction and arthritis.  If it’s oxalate-related, you can bet someone in the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group has had that symptom and is more than happy to tell you about his or her trials, experiences and victories.

7.) You will find encouragement and support as list members report their small improvements and major triumphs over oxalate-related symptoms.  People are healing on the low oxalate diet, and they are happy to share their stories.

8.) You can access the Trying Low Oxalate Yahoo Group on your own terms in your own time.  Some members choose to have individual emails sent to their inbox every time someone posts.  Others choose to only access posts on the group’s website when they have time or need encouragement.  This flexibility allows you to read only the posts that interest you and to take your time learning and interacting with other members.

9.) It’s easy to join!  Just click on this link- Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group- and follow the instructions for signing up.  It may take a day or two to be approved, but once your application is accepted you will have full access to the files, database, resource pages and posts (If you are a person, not a spammer, with a legitimate email address you will be approved). One piece of advice—sign up to read the messages on the website first!  This is a very active group and the number of individual emails that may be sent to your account is truly overwhelming for newcomers.  Going to the website to read gives you control and lets you start as quickly or as slowly as you want.

10.) It’s completely free!

I hope to see you on the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group soon!  Do you have questions?  Do you have more to add?  Let us know about your experiences with the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group in the comments section below.

Photo Credit for “Smile at a Stranger” goes to Nina Matthews Photography.

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